Virginia Beach Engagement Photos

Courtney and Cory’s Virginia Beach engagement photos took place at First Landing State Park in the late fall of 2013. The couple will be wed at Disney World in Orlando, FL later in 2014, so they themed their engagement session partially with that in mind. Courtney and Cory brought their furry “100lb baby” along and Courtney’s mother accompanied to help be the wrangler for the afternoon.

We took advantage of the mild weather and the beautiful colors of the autumn sunset. Combine those natural elements with how great these two look together and what you see is below. Although I may not be able to make it to Disney World for their epic wedding this fall, I surely hope they bring home a little bit of that Magic and perhaps leave a little bit of their own.

First Landing State Park is a unique location in Hampton Roads for the variety of backdrops it provides. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the area or just looking for a nice place to spend an afternoon or to use for their own Virginia Beach Engagement Photos.

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