Val & Bhairav’s Indian Wedding at the Hindu Temple of Hampton Roads

This gorgeous set of images is the first of two wedding ceremonies for Val and & Bhairav. I was extremely fortunate to be asked by Teressa Rerras Photography to tag along for this beautiful event and provide another point of view. These two newlyweds held a traditional Hindu Indian wedding ceremony at the Hindu Temple of Hampton Roads in Chesapeake, VA. After a jam packed morning and afternoon they dove right into a traditional American-style ceremony which will be coming along in the next feature!

This was the first Indian Wedding ceremony that I have attended and photographed. It was a feast for your eyes with so much detail and so many traditional elements in nearly every aspect. There were many symbolic rituals to help bring the two families together and to show the new bride and groom’s love and responsibility to each other. It was also a different kind of formality at the event. Since it is not necessarily a short affair, there are guests milling about, approaching the ceremony tent, and being generally very relaxed. It creates a unique atmosphere that keeps the day feeling more like a family affair than an extremely formal and stuffy wedding stereotype.

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