Sean & Jess || Yorktown, Virginia Engagement Session

It’s always a pleasure to befriend my clients, but it’s even more of a pleasure for me to have my friends become clients. Sean and I met while we were both in school at Old Dominion University. We ended up introducing ourselves on a plane halfway across the Pacific Ocean on our way to Beijing, China and eventually Daegu, Korea. We were both on-board the flight as part of a student exchange program so we experienced so many great things together.

Sean is a class act. He’s a member of the fire department, US Navy reserves, and occasionally spends what free time he does have serving in local hospitals. His beautiful fiancée, Jess, is equally as dedicated (and talented) to both the medical and creative fields as she is now establishing herself in the field of art therapy.

I have the distinct privilege of sharing not only their friendship but they have asked me to record and celebrate their engagement and forthcoming October wedding.

For their engagement portraits, we chose a beautiful sunny evening to meet in Yorktown, Virginia at the Riverwalk just next to the Coleman Bridge overlooking the York River. From there we made our way through the pristine grounds of Yorktown National Battlefield to capture images that convey their love for each other, their zeal for life, and their gentle spirits. I’d say mission accomplished.

We concluded our night at Yorktown Beach for the last bits of sunlight to fade away. The mood was serene, the sky was clear and love was in the air.

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