San Diego Vacation: San Diego Zoo

San Diego called my name this year. My wife and I hopped on a westward bound plane well before sunrise on a muggy Saturday morning and landed in sunny San Diego with enough time for a much needed nap and snack before dinner. We were lucky enough to stay just a couple of blocks off of the ocean at the south end of Pacific Beach where the breeze is cool and the sunsets spectacular.

We knew well ahead time that the San Diego Zoo was one of the attractions we definitely wanted to visit. Zoos aren’t always a pleasant place to be – mainly due to the welfare of the animals. The zoo appeared to have their welfare and well-being as a top consideration. The koala exhibit was no exception. They were each given nice shade tents with plenty of misting water nearby to help cool them off.

These creatures make you feel a little more connected when you can see their faces and mannerisms. Take it in – the next installment will highlight some of our adventures in Los Angeles and then some of the other scenic destinations around San Diego.

Meagan taking a snooze on the way to San Diego.
The view from our hotel balcony in San Diego
I don’t think she was ready for the selfie.

camel at the Zoo meerkat at the zoo San Diego Zoo elephant at the SD Zoo san_diego-8 Capybaras at the SD zoo san_diego-10 san_diego-11 San Diego Zoo san_diego-13 san_diego-14 San Diego Zoo San Diego Zoo San Diego Zoo san_diego-18 San Diego Zoo san_diego-20 san_diego-21 San Diego Zoo San Diego Zoo san_diego-24 san_diego-25 san_diego-26 san_diego-27 San Diego Zoo San Diego Zoo

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