Ryan and Sarah’s Apple Blossom Plantation Wedding

Our day begin at Sarah’s parents’ house, then we scampered off to the Bethel Manor Chapel in Hampton, VA for their first wedding ceremony. Then we moved on up to Providence Forge, VA to have a super fun celebratory ceremony and reception. This lively affair made for the ultimate Apple Blossom Plantation wedding.

Ryan and Sarah are special. They were kids when they first met. It’s romantic, really. They grew up knowing they were in love and were able to grow with each other for over a decade before their wedding day. A lot of things have changed over the years, but those are the sorts of things that build a good foundation for a strong relationship. They’re no longer teenagers and are well into being twenty-somethings, but Ryan and Sarah are unified in their journey.

Last year we hung out for a bit for their engagement photos and I really caught on to the magic that was between them. There was this…understanding between them. It was non-verbal and almost a little bit like their souls have been entwined. They “get” each other. They were adventurous, humorous, and true to themselves. Big conclusions to draw from a few hours with them, but these things also rang true on their wedding day.

The focus was on family, friends, and celebration. There was a lot of laughter, a few happy tears, and loads of the genuine human experience.

Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-1_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-6_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-10_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-12_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-13_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-21_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-26_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-30_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-35_WEB Bethel Manor Chapel Wedding Apple Blossom Plantation Wedding Apple Blossom Plantation Wedding Candy buffet for wedding reception Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-56_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-58_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-65_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-71_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-75_WEB Apple Blossom Plantation Wedding Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-66_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-67_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-87_WEB Providence Forge Wedding Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-92_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-96_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-100_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-105_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-113_WEB Toasts at wedding reception Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-117_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-110_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-136_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-140_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-135_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-146_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-150_WEB Ryan_and_Sarah_Wedding-153_WEB

Venue: Apple Blossom Plantation
Catering: McKee Custom Cuisine
Flowers: Sheri Norcini
Dj: Ray LaPointe
Live Music: Mink and Cheef
Cake: Kris Vogt

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