Rob & Kelly’s Middle Peninsula Wedding

Rob and Kelly planned their Middle Peninsula wedding to be held at the beautiful Bayport Scout Reservation in Jamaica, VA. Situated neatly on the shores of the Rappahannock River on the Middle Peninsula of Virginia, the site offers glorious sunsets and rustic activities. Kelly’s connection with the Boy Scouts of America served the couple well and produced an amazingly fun-filled wedding weekend that these photos barely do justice.

I’ve been friends with Rob, the groom, for years. We were neighbors several years ago and we’ve kept in touch ever since. I first met Kelly when Rob brought her along to one of our holiday parties and that was when I instantly knew there was magic between them. It was that sort of “Yep, they’re gonna get married one day.” things. That “One Day” had come.

A ton of hard work and lots of Pinterest-ing had led up to this. Kelly and her mom (mostly her mom) spent days upon days carefully crafting the beautiful papercraft florals that unified the DIY shabby-chic outdoorsy vibe for the wedding. The week leading up to the wedding was spent ferrying the papercraft florals from northern Virginia back to the reservation for arrangement. The bride and family prepared the reception hall with what seemed like billions of papercraft florals, beautiful LED up-lighting, string lights, and carefully laying out each tablescape for perfection.

The Rehearsal

The aesthetics were secondary, however, to the lasting bonds between friends and family. An outpouring of love and support enveloped the couple throughout the weekend. The two of them beamed with excitement as a result.

Friends and family stayed on site at the reservation in tents, cabins, and dorms. On the evening before the wedding day, the rehearsal concluded with a ceremonial bonfire and blessing on the Rappahannock River. The sunset magnificently reflected all of the love in the air.

Rob_Kelly_Styron_Jamaica_VA_wedding-25 Rob_Kelly_Styron_Jamaica_VA_wedding-33

The Wedding Day

Kelly’s bridal bouquet was comprised of brooches given to her as given during her bridal shower. They are arranged around her grandmother’s blue cameo brooch as an homage to her legacy. Kelly also had her grandmother’s wedding dress re-imagined and changed into it as a surprise to most of her family during the reception.

The wedding day was filled with lots of laughter, a few happy tears, great food, and wonderful people. The event was personal and filled with many little touches that show off the couple’s personalities, inside jokes, and family traditions. Kelly and her uncle (one of the officiants) even rick-rolled Rob at the altar. Pretty epic.

Rob_Kelly_Styron_Jamaica_VA_wedding-9 Rob_Kelly_Styron_Jamaica_VA_wedding-57
Rob_Kelly_Styron_Jamaica_VA_wedding-48 Rob_Kelly_Styron_Jamaica_VA_wedding-20 Rob_Kelly_Styron_Jamaica_VA_wedding-44 Rob_Kelly_Styron_Jamaica_VA_wedding-96 Rob_Kelly_Styron_Jamaica_VA_wedding-3 Rob_Kelly_Styron_Jamaica_VA_wedding-76 Rob_Kelly_Styron_Jamaica_VA_wedding-89 Rob_Kelly_Styron_Jamaica_VA_wedding-82 Rob_Kelly_Styron_Jamaica_VA_wedding-78 Rob_Kelly_Styron_Jamaica_VA_wedding-100 Rob_Kelly_Styron_Jamaica_VA_wedding-104 Rob_Kelly_Styron_Jamaica_VA_wedding-108 Rob_Kelly_Styron_Jamaica_VA_wedding-113 Rob_Kelly_Styron_Jamaica_VA_wedding-118 Rob_Kelly_Styron_Jamaica_VA_wedding-120 Rob_Kelly_Styron_Jamaica_VA_wedding-139 Rob_Kelly_Styron_Jamaica_VA_wedding-141 Rob_Kelly_Styron_Jamaica_VA_wedding-143

No celebration is complete without the hard work and creativity provided by many talented vendors and individuals:
Assistant Photographer: Sarah Street
Cake & Cupcakes: Cindy’s Cakery
Catering, Venue: Bayport Scout Reservation
Libations: St. George Brewing Company
Officiants: William Dudley and Robert Styron
Dress: Church Street Bridal
Bride’s Shoes: JCPenney
Bridal Party Attire: H&M
Dj: Remix Productions
Musician: Jed Bayes
Wedding Planner: Shay Rybin of Pinch of Charm Weddings
Groomsmen: Men’s Wearhouse
Hair: Mother of the Bride
Makeup: Candace Marie Boone
Invitations: MagnetStreet

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