Newport News Wedding

I knew from the moment I met Vivian and John that I’d have a lot of fun with them for their Newport News wedding. Vivian is expressive, excitable, and passionate. John is a little more subdued, but I can tell he’s got a lot of emotion and energy just under the surface. They’ve got a lot of youthful presence but I can also see that they are really committed to being a pair.¬†We met at a Starbucks so that may have amplified the energy levels a tiny bit, but I think it was mostly just them being themselves.

The morning of the wedding I met Vivian, her bridal party, parents, and beauty team at Legacy Hall in New Town, Williamsburg. About 5 minutes after I walked in I was photographing the father of the bride shove a donut into his daughter’s face. It was hilarious and it really set the tone for the day. All of the friends, family, and guests were there to celebrate with each other. Less emphasis on the formalities and more emphasis on fun.

We made our way to the ceremony venue at St Jerome Catholic Church in Newport News, Virginia and into the holding room just a few feet away from where the groomsmen were being corralled. I think they were both nervous for the ceremony but it seemed more so because it was in front of a crowd of people than anything else.

The wedding reception at New Town Legacy Hall was a perfect fit for the size of their group. A nicely adorned mix-n-match candy buffet greeted guests at the entrance with the guest book and engagement photos sat on a table adjacent. When the bridal party arrived they adorned themselves with glow sticks, bubbles, and smiles. Lots and lots of smiles.

Dancing was the main activity here. Dancing, dips, dancing, smiling, bubble blowing, and more dancing. There was no choice. If you were there, you had to dance at some point — and eat cupcakes. Maybe both at the same time.

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Thanks to some super awesome vendors for making it that much more special:
Dresses-David’s Bridal
Rings- Zales and Air Force exchange
Flowers- Norfolk Wholesale Florist
DJ – Music Makes You Happy
Cake – DIY/Family Made
Limo- Dreams in Motion
Makeup- Iman Fuller
Hair-Holly from We’ll cut you salon
Tuxes-men’s wearhouse

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