Hunt Club Farm Wedding

When I first met Theresa and Ryan in July for their engagement session I learned a lot about them in a short amount of time. They had driven down from upstate New York the night before and were pretty exhausted, but they were real troopers. This pair is a little subdued at first glance but there is always a little of that passion that bubbles up to the top once and a while that lets you know how they really feel. You can see it in the way they glance at each other and the way they hold hands as they walk.

Theresa’s beautiful boho chic gown and botanicals accompanied with Ryan’s stylishly modern suit set the couple apart from the crowd. The pair’s wedding was at St Gregory the Great in Virginia Beach followed by a Hunt Club Farm wedding reception. The weather was a little bit touch-and-go, but to be honest it turned out perfectly and the clouds acted like giant lamp shades to block out the harsh mid day sun. Hunt Club Farm was a great venue for their wedding reception and provided just the right amount of rustic to accompany the many travel oriented details that adorned the celebration.

Friends and family caught up with each other, danced the entire night, and ended the night with a beautiful paper lantern send-off.

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Venue: St Gregory the Great
Reception: Hunt Club Farm
Photographer: Chris Malpass Photography
2nd Shooter: Jessica Sevin / JL7
Catering: Mobile Pig-nic
DJ: Magical Solutions
Florals & Botanicals: Valerie Jurado Floral Design

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