Fort Monroe Wedding at Chapel of the Centurion and Fort Eustis Officer’s Club Wedding Reception

This lovely September event took place at the historical Fort Monroe wedding at the Chapel of the Centurion with a Fort Eustis Officer’s Club wedding reception immediately afterwards. George and Erin have most of their roots elsewhere in the country so they turned their Hampton wedding into a bit of a friends and family reunion. The guest list was filled to the brim with sorority sisters and fraternity brothers from their shared alma mater – which made for a lively reception and a full dance floor!

The Fort Monroe Wedding ceremony was short and sweet and took place in the charming and quaint Chapel of the Centurion located adjacent to the Casemate Museum. The chapel was filled to the brim with friends and family from near and far (mostly far). The limo scooped the bridal party up and arrived in fashion to the Fort Eustis Officer’s club wedding reception. The mood in the room was happy, vibrant, and jovial.

From the first moment the DJ turned up the system until the end of the night there was a full dace floor, lots of smiling faces, and all kinds of festivities. Among all of the moments of the day my favorites are the first image of the newlyweds dancing their first dance.

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Wedding Venue: Chapel of the Centurion, Fort Monroe, Hampton, VA
Reception Venue: Fort Eustis Club, Newport News, VA

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