Enchantment || Newport News, VA Halloween Story Photoshoot

It was a Sunday morning and I rolled out of bed and had shooting on my mind. I wanted to capture something that day. I wanted to be creative and do something out of the ordinary with this Halloween Story. Luckily my muse, who also happens to be my wife, was thinking the same.

She dove into her wardrobe and returned with an outfit that set the stage. Next, she rummaged through some things in storage and emerged with a floppy eared stuffed rabbit. The theme came together in a matter of minutes.

Next we had to settle on a location which was much less difficult. We ended up at Mariner’s Museum Park in Newport News, VA at around 1PM in bright mid-day sunlight. We were able to find a wonderfully wooded and shady patch just adjacent to the Noland Trail.

I took this opportunity to try out my new Paul C Buff PLM umbrella which ended up being a great option since it dispersed the light in such a way that gave very surreal and diffused light. The only light source (other than overhead sunlight) was a Yongnuo YN560 at eye level and attached to the PLM.

The result was eerie and reminiscent of an old-school horror flick. I think it is perfectly timely and is a great lead in as we approach Halloween.

Don't say a word...

Contemplating with her rabbitFrom the floor up. Holding on to her bunny.

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