Courtney & Chuck’s DIY Colorful Wedding at Lorien Hotel and Spa Alexandria, VA

Courtney and Chuck are two peas in a pod. As you can see in these DIY colorful wedding images they enjoy each other’s company and LOVE to laugh. One of their pals donned them with their Hollywood name “Chutney” (Chuck+Courtney) and it just stuck.

They are everything but traditional and wanted to make their wedding day something of their own. From the 99% DIY details that bride Courtney spent the last year designing and creating to the Unity Pizza during their terrace wedding ceremony, everything in this celebration was a true reflection of the relationship that these two share.

I had the pleasure of spending the day with this lovely couple and their families. The morning started off in the bridal suite with the ladies getting their hair and makeup prepped and a few shenanigans that included mimosas and a little bit of jumping on the bed! By midday the reception area was arranged and I was able to witness the amazing level of planning and detail that Courtney went through for her reception.

Each table was labeled as a location and date that were important to the couple. They included their birth dates and places, their wedding venue and date, as well as honeymoon destinations that were soon to follow. Courtney even made chutney and placed it at each setting for all of her guests to take home with them. The adorable first look photos on the terrace before the wedding ceremony were tender but still held true to the couple and resulted in plenty of laughter and smiles.

Their ceremony took place on the terrace of the Presidential suite and was attended by 50 or so of their closest friends and family.It was a beautiful warm day with bright blue skies and just enough sun to heat up your heart for what was to come. The reception embodied the mood of the day and resulted in copious amounts of dancing and catching up with friends and family. Wyatt from Black Tie DJs caught the vibe and kept it going until the very end. This was a high-energy affair and positively reflected the easy-going, life-loving, fun-filled personalities of a couple of people in love. I’m so privileged to have been a part of it all.

Wedding Dress hanging on cubed background alexandria va weddings Wedding Rings on reflective surface at the lorien hotel and spa alexandria, va Wedding Ring in DIY romance novel bouquet at the lorien hotel and spa alexandria va

Courtney's Purple heels with green stool and ring
Courtney’s Purple heels and wedding ring
Table setting with important locations for wedding reception
One of the table settings with one the couple’s honeymoon destinations on a map.
wedding ring princess cut with wrap lorien hotel and spa
Beautiful wedding band wrap with engagement ring.
Courtney provided sunglasses for the ceremony since it was outdoors.

wpid1722-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-7.jpg wpid1724-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-8.jpg wpid1726-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-9.jpg wpid1728-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-10.jpg wpid1730-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-11.jpg wpid1734-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-13.jpg wpid1736-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-14.jpg wpid1738-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-15.jpg Wedding reception table setting with engagement photos and DIY centerpiece DIY paper flower centerpieces wedding reception lorien hotel and spa alexandria Lorien Hotel and Spa wedding reception DIY table centerpiece ideas wpid1746-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-19.jpg Wedding Guestbook ideas with family tree and fingerprints Simple cocktail table centerpiece for wedding reception wpid1752-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-22.jpg wpid1754-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-23.jpg wpid1756-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-24.jpg wpid1758-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-25.jpg wpid1760-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-26.jpg wpid1762-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-27.jpg Wedding bridal party portrait with mimosas and matching silk robes wpid1766-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-29.jpgwpid1770-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-31.jpg Bridal party jumping on bed wedding at lorien hotel and spa alexandria va Groom in hallway with mother before first look with the bride wpid1776-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-34.jpg wpid1778-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-35.jpg wpid1780-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-36.jpg wpid1782-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-37.jpg wpid1784-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-38.jpg wpid1786-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-39.jpg wpid1788-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-40.jpg wpid1790-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-41.jpg wpid1792-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-42.jpg wpid1794-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-43.jpg wpid1796-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-44.jpg wpid1798-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-45.jpg wpid1800-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-46.jpg wpid1802-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-47.jpg wpid1804-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-48.jpg wpid1806-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-49.jpg wpid1808-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-50.jpg wpid1810-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-51.jpg wpid1812-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-52.jpg wpid1814-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-53.jpg wpid1816-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-54.jpg wpid1818-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-55.jpg wpid1820-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-56.jpg wpid1822-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-57.jpg wpid1824-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-58.jpg wpid1826-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-59.jpg wpid1828-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-60.jpg wpid1830-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-61.jpg wpid1832-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-62.jpg wpid1834-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-63.jpg wpid1836-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-64.jpg wpid1838-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-65.jpg wpid1840-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-66.jpg wpid1842-Chutney_wedding_Lorien_hotel_alexandria_va-67.jpg

This wonderful wedding would not have been possible without the collaboration and expertise of other fine folks.
Hair Styling: Jennifer Miklic
Venue: Lorien Hotel and Spa
Catering: Brabo
Entertainment: Wyatt from Black Tie Djs
Cupcakes: Best Buns Bread Co

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