Confessions: Part 2 || A Bacon’s Castle Bridal Odyssey || Surry, Virginia Bridal Photos

I have yet another confession: I got a little teary eyed shooting and reviewing these photos. This is the second of three bridal shoots from our Bacon’s Castle series and the last of the two I shot with my wife. My wife, Meagan, first wore my mother’s wedding gown then donned her own wedding gown that she wore when we tied the knot in March of this year (2012). I was almost as speechless the second time around as the first!

It’s not every day one has the privilege to see their bride in their gown more than once, much less spend an afternoon admiring her.

She’s a beautiful person inside and out. She challenges me in the best of ways, calls me out when I’m not at my best, and all around keeps me on my toes. She’s the reason I picked up the camera in the first place and she’ll always be my first love no matter how much time I spend with the camera :-). I take every opportunity to show off all of the wonderful things about her because she’s much too modest to do it on her own. This is one of those times, so I ask that you share a few moments with me and reflect on something or someone wonderful in your life that brings you hope, love, inspiration, and fulfillment. Hang on to that and make sure you never keep it a secret. Share it with the world so everyone else can share a small slice of that beauty with you.

Next week I’ll be posting Part 3 of this series, which focuses on a new bride Lianne and her handmade wedding gown.

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