Brittany and Travis’ Mathews Wedding

Brittany and Travis’ Mathews wedding was a true testament to the friends and family that surrounds them. It seems to be the theme for this summer but this pair was also high school sweethearts. They both made it through college with Travis at Virginia Tech and Brittany at Mary Washington. After Travis graduated he went into the Air Force and went away for training and other assignments taking him far from Virginia. The pair maintained their long-distance affair for several years until after Brittany finished her graduate school program at UMW and they finally tied the knot. Brittany and Travis exchanged vows at Gwynn’s Island Baptist Church and celebrated the start of their new life together at Grand View Manor, a beautiful sprawling property right on the water.

I couldn’t say enough great things about Brittany and Travis along with their friends and families. They are some of the sweetest and most accommodating folks I’ve worked with this summer. I can see how well it has turned them into a pair with a really great foundation to start their new lives off of.

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Ceremony: Gwynn’s Island Baptist Church
Reception: Grand View Manor
Florals: Taylor’s Floral Design

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