Angel & Jason’s New Years Eve Wedding at the Vintager Inn

Angel and Jason were a blast to hang out with for their engagement session last year. I was sure that their Wedding at the Vintager Inn would be an absolute blast, too, and it was. The couple decided to have their grand celebration on New Years’ Eve so they could party down with their closest friends and family.

It was a chilly evening but I’m pretty sure the party-goers were more than pleased with how much fun they had — and how great they looked doing it. We laughed, had dance-offs, and finally sent the happy couple on their way through a massive sparkler exit.

Our bride was beautiful in her gown from The Inspired Bride and faux-fur shrug to warm up those exposed shoulders. Groom Jason was all smiles from start to finish. It was a great, heartfelt shindig. This is just one example of a Wedding at the Vintager Inn.

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