A different look at Colonial Williamsburg

Letting Go

Pathway through formal garden in Colonial Williamsburg VirginiaIt feels good to pick up the camera and just go. With no particular goal in mind it becomes a completely organic experience. It’s almost like the ratcheting of the roller coaster “click click click click….” then the anticipation of the first drop.

You’re almost scared to death but at the same time it feels good to let go of control and let something else guide you to your destination. Sometimes it’s exactly where you expected to arrive — other times…not so much.

That is part of the journey, though.

Looking Back

One of the most important things to me as a photographer is going through images after shooting. It’s more than just reviewing pixels. It’s reflecting on what was captured. The emotion and feelings that the images convey can be comforting, sometimes even therapeutic.

I never picked up the camera with the intention of doing anything other than bringing myself some comfort. It all started out as a way for me to decompress, to let off some steam, and to refocus my mind.

The Result

The photos in this series are the result of an afternoon of me alone with the camera. It was a day where everything started to feel unstructured, out of balance, and constrained. I found myself focusing my attention on pathways, lines, fences, and clearings which resulted in what you see here. It’s not very often I give much context to my images but I hope that it does allow the viewer to have a little more of a connection to the eyes behind the lens.


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